Why Cursive First?

The advantages of teaching cursive first include:

  • It is easier for the young child to learn!
  • Does not have to be ‘unlearned’ at a later time.
  • Cursive writing involves a flowing, uninterrupted movement which reinforces the left to right directionality of our written language.
  • Teaches words as a cohesive unit.
  • Cursive or connected writing allows for the continuous flow of thought and thinking ahead while writing.
  • Cursive reinforces the beginning and ending of words, with proper spacing of letters.
  • Since all lower case letters start from the same beginning point, the confusion resulting in reversals or inversions is eliminated.
  • By joining letters, cursive writing reinforces the blending of sounds within words.
  • Research indicates that the challenge offered by the motor learning activities actually helps the brain learn how to get its various structures to work together more efficiently as it processes symbolic language. Cursive offers the kind of motor-learning activity that stimulates the brain to build pathways for better reading, writing and yes, later on, keyboarding.
  • It is easier for the young child to learn!

The disadvantages of teaching cursive later:

  • Studies show that the transition to cursive in the 3rd grade causes writing speed and legibility to revert to 1st grade levels.
  • Students resent having to learn another method
  • Studies show that most who are taught manuscript first revert back to manuscript or a blend after 3rd grade.
  • Students often fail to complete the transition process to cursive and this affects the ability to read cursive.
  • Printing causes segmentation which makes the muscles stiffen up rather than letting a nice flowing rhythm develop.

We began teaching the cursive first method in the summer of 2005 at Montessori Learning Center and have found without exception that it is far easier for even the youngest children to learn! Children are fascinated with writing cursive and will work with far more determination and for longer periods of time to write in this beautiful and easier way that prior to the introduction of this program. Less tears! More joy! We are sold. The children once again, showed us how learning can be a joy! Cursive writing is fun! It is a joy! All we can say is wow!