“We desire to express our sincere thanks to everyone at Montessori Learning center for the wonderful care and education you provide our children. You have a very good program. We are very grateful for the exceptional dedication, professionalism, and personal warmth or your teachers.” -Kim P.

“Our son has absolutely loved his time at MLC and my husband and I have been more than impressed with what he has learned. You will always hold a special place in our hearts!” -Nichole P.

“We have loved having our daughter attend this school compared to a couple others she has been in over the years. We will recommend it to many clients of ours. Our daughter loves Miss Amanda SO much! Thanks for all you’ve done.” -Jeff P.

“I want to thank you and the teachers for all of the wonderful learning experiences and love they have given to both my sons over the last 18 months. My boys have had a wonderful time there and learned so much from all the teachers they interact with!” -Danielle A.

“We appreciate all you have done these past two years with our son in preschool and Kindergarten. He has learned so much from your wonderful teachers!” -Michelle M.

“We are so happy with the wonderful and amazing work the teacher is doing with our son. We have seen him develop and grow so much, and his excitement to go to school every day is proof that he loves school. It is obvious the great care your teachers take in teaching our son. Thank you for the kindness, structure, and care in teaching our son. We are and will forever be grateful to you! I would also like to thank you for your professionalism and care in communication with us a parents. We love the emails, pictures, and always addressing our questions and concerns. It has been a complete pleasure working with you and your school.” -Greg T.

“Thank you for your kindness towards our daughter. Your teachers are excellent and we have seen our daughter improve in her time at your school. It has been nice to know she is in good hands!” -Stephen G.

“Thank you to our daughters amazing teacher that our daughter loved so much! It was a great experience and we will miss attending.” -The Bryners

“We have been really happy with our son’s progress at Montessori and he has loved it there. Thank you so much for all you and his teachers have done for him. It truly is a miracle to see the progress he has made in the last 18 months!” -Ali C.

“We have LOVED it at MLC. Our son is so happy there and he loves you! I see him learning and it has been amazing.” -Twila C.

“Our family has had the most positive experience at the Montessori Learning Center and we sing its praises often. I am personally appreciative of the excellent care that you have given my daughter and the education that she has received. We are thankful for the environment that you provide your students and for the patience and understanding you have given our family throughout our enrollment.” -Tonja L.

“We want to thank you for the positive influence you and your teachers have had on our son. He has learned so much! He is interacting much better with other children than he was. He has come a long way! We appreciate the impact your establishment has had on his character during this crucial developmental period. Our time here has made us true believers in the Montessori Method. Your school has set the bar very high! -Adam R.

“Our daughter loves going to school and seeing her teacher and friends each day! Thank you to her teacher for being so great! We sure appreciate you.” -Shaleen M.

“Thank you for the beautiful picture updates! We appreciate all of you for making learning a meaningful, exciting, positive experience for our precious girl and her friends! Thank you for being so accommodating to parents.” -Joyce T.

“Our daughter has grown a lot at Montessori and she really enjoys her school. Thanks for being such great teachers and an inspiration to my daughter.” -Ruchira S.

“We have loved your school and would recommend it to anyone!” -Brandi B.

“I want to express how grateful I am that my youngest son has been able to attend your school this year. MLC is fantastic and I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to have both my boys attend, learn and grow.” -Nick C.

“We are so happy with MLC! I’ve loved the Montessori method and I feel like my two boys have really benefited from it. Our son is just really thriving at your school and it’s been a wonderful experience for him. I am so impressed. Thanks again for all your amazing work and for making such an impressive private school.” -Alyssa R.