Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori

“Within┬áthe child lies┬áthe fate of the future”

A woman with rare determination, dedication, insight, persistence. The feature which stands out most forcibly is that of a massive and unassailable strength of character – like a mountain unmoved by the storms which beat against it. Montessori was one of those rare persons for whom obstacles do not seem to exist. “character,” says Emerson, “is a reserved force which acts directly by presence and without means.” No words could more aptly describe the influence which Montessori exerted simply by her presence.

She was a woman who stepped out in a time and place that it was certainly outside of the ordinary for a woman to do! The thing she decided to do was unheard of, preposterous, impossible. She was the first woman to attend medical school and the first female Doctor of Medicine in Italy.


It was shortly after her graduation that Dr. Montessori was appointed assistant doctor at the Psychiatric Clinic in the University of Rome. It was here that her true life’s work began to evolve – her work with “the child.” Through the course of the remainder of her life, which ended May 6, 1952, in her 81st year, she spent on behalf of the Child and humanity for us all. Through her efforts what is known as The Montessori method of education for children evolved which has touched and changed forever countless lives.

Without doubt Montessori will hold a place amongst these “representative persons” in world history. In fact she may be said to have already secured such a place. No one acquainted with the educational developments which have taken place in this century would deny the paramount influence which Dr. Montessori has already exercised in every country.

A scientist, and respected by scientists all over the world, she wrote books on the teaching of religion which have won the admiration of the highest ecclesiastical authorities. It is this, too, which has given the movement which she started an appeal as wide as humanity, and as deep as the soul of man!

A KEY TO HUMANITY. Many regard her then (as many do still) as the founder of a new method of education for small children, the inventor of a new form of Kindergarten, and much more. This is so true. She knew that she had discovered a key which could unlock immeasurable constructive energies for human development. And SHE DID!