Enrollment Information

We provide learning programs for the following ages: Jr. Preschool:  1yr. – 3 ½ year olds Sr. Preschool:  3 ½ – 5 year olds Kindergarten & Lower Elementary:  5 – 7 year olds Upper Elementary:  8 – 12 year olds Middle – High School:  12- 18 year olds Learning is through a hands on experience where each child progresses at their own pace. Each child is individually guided through the learning experiences. Emotional and social skills are integrated throughout their day so that they learn “Emotional Intelligence” as well. Classes are offered Monday-Friday:

  • 9:00 – 12:30          Jr. Preschool
  • 9:00 –   1:00          Sr. Preschool
  • 9:00 –   3:30            All Classes
  • Multiple-child discounts available for families who enroll more than one child!
  • Money a problem — apply for reduced tuition — each class has an allotment of allowed reduced tuition slots.
  • Parents who receive discounts are expected to contribute time and talents to the school based on OUR NEEDS
  • Call today to find out more.

We are a Carson Smith Grant eligible school for children with special needs.  For more information see Carson Smith.