About Our Teachers


Miss Rachel

“My relationship with the MLC began in 2011 when I enrolled my two children into the Jr and Sr Preschool classrooms. I was happily in alignment with Miss Ali and the school’s philosophy. I immediately saw that they were learning in a way most natural and efficient! My children began to learn the proper social cues and become better at interacting with friends and other adults as well. I was impressed with the growth that I saw in each of them, and we were hooked! The obvious next step was that I needed to learn too! I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to undergo Montessori training myself, it has made me a much better mother and has provided me with rewards beyond measure as a teacher. Working with children is highly rewarding and immensely fulfilling. It has filled me in ways I could never have dreamed! I love every moment I have been able to spend with your little ones and look forward the future children that my class may be graced with. Thank you for sharing them with me!”


Miss Andrea

“I first discovered Montessori while attending Brigham Young University, and I was immediately impressed.  The students were in a loving, comfortable environment and were independently and happily being productive. I began working with the Jr. Preschool Program in 2009, and soon moved up to the Sr. Preschool, where I was personally trained by Miss Ali in the Montessori Method.  I continued to train and learn the process of the downstairs Elementary classes, were I am currently teaching.  I have seen so many students learn, grow, and become successful because they were given the tools to do so.  Reading “Montessori from the Start” gave me even more insight to how wonderful the program was, as I became a mommy and enrolled my own sweet daughter at the school. I am continually amazed by this program and the great strides my students make as we teach them the skills that will help them succeed in all aspects of their lives.”


Miss Kirsten

“I like to consider myself both an educator and a ‘creative inspirer’. Having grown up in a large family, what drew me to teaching was my love of taking care of my younger siblings and teaching them. It all started when I helped teach my younger brother and sister to read, since then I’ve gone on to study elementary education at Northland Pioneer college in Arizona. I have been sharing my passion of learning at Montessori Learning Center since 2009 when I began my Montessori Training and certification and trained with Miss Ali. I immediately recognized and loved the strong educational foundation it provides in children’s lives and I continue to see that development unfold. I am so happy to be with Montessori for what a privilege it is to work with children to develop in them a genuine love of learning, to see the light in their eyes, and make learning one of the best experiences ever.”