About Miss Ali

Dear Seeker, reader, parent,

I think I have been much like many of you in many ways. I wanted the best for my own children from the very start, in all ways. I knew that “being smart” was important, whatever that meant.

I was raised on a small farm in Texas, and grew up believing that education was important. I always took learning very seriously and that was easy because I enjoyed learning.  I was an avid reader from the time I was very young and I believe that the many concepts I have come to learn through the books I have devoured over the years have been the greatest gift I could have ever given myself.

If one becomes educated, then one has doors open to them that are closed otherwise.  One needs to know many things in life in order to have the good life. And that is what I wanted for my children…..the good life, just as you do. We want success for our children, in every facet of life, don’t we?

So, like you, I began to search for the best education for them. And, through reading and research, I found what seemed the best…..the Montessori Way. Why? Because it set up children to learn “how they learn best” and the proof was evident in watching what happened to the children that I observed in Montessori schools. They were intelligent, growth seeking students who had self control, desire and love of learning and the inner discipline to do so.

So, with those things firmly in place I opened my first Montessori school in Lubbock, Texas, in 1977!  I relocated to Utah in 1979 and opened my second school in 1981. Over the years I have seen many students come and go.  Without a doubt, children DO learn in this way!   And without a doubt the children whose parents are highly involved and evolving, growing, AND INVOLVED with their children’s education, do the best!  If you could see what I have seen over the years, both in regards to my OWN children and then OTHER people’s children, you would know this to be true.

You would also know that this method does produce results that are observable, definable and worthwhile!  You would know that this method works for all children, because you would have seen it do so.  And, yes, as I stated, you would notice that the largest gains came to those children whose parents were actively involved.  The proof has been “in the pudding” , so to speak.

I invite you to look deeper into this type of education. I think you will find the facts for yourself. I invite you to join with me in this grand adventure of giving the children of this world, yours and mine, the BEST. Montessori defined it that way.

My passion has always been to know and live my heart.  My passion is learning.  I read every moment that I can anything that will enlighten me and teach me and lead me to my next step. I read things that inspire me, motivate me, and teach me. There is little better than great words that speak to my heart.

My passion is sharing that which I have learned so that others will be opened to living as they were meant to live – in joy; in peace; in love.

My drive has always been to find the very best way to live this life so that I could bring that to you and yours.

And then came this thing called The Montessori Method and my life was forever changed.

It was this drive, this fire, this passion that drew me to this thing called “The Montessori Method”. Why? Oh, because, like you, I held that first precious, beautiful infant in my arms and wept for pure joy and felt a grip in my heart that said, “I WILL find the best for this child of my heart!”

The fire that was born in my heart that day, lead me to devour books and in the course of events, I read “The Secret of Childhood” by Maria Montessori and determined that my children would have THAT, because it was, simply and purely, THE BEST. My driving passion in life was to do whatever it took for my own sweet babies, and I have four! They are the pride and joy of my life. They have been the “wind beneath my wings” and to them I owe all and to that Higher Power, call it whatever you wish.

I found that the best for me IS the best for them, too. It took attending seminars, classes, lectures, reading book after blessed book, prayer, therapy and, let me tell you, if you look – YOU WILL FIND IT!  Find what?  Find what your heart most desires – joy, peace, happiness AND I am sure that is what you want most to share with your child.

Through it all, Maria Montessori’s teachings came through as a light, a beacon in the dark of the night.  Everything I learned, she speaks of, in one way or another, if you understand what she writes. Experience and time seem to bring that understanding of what this woman was saying…at least, it did to me, and continues to.

My drive is to impart light to the world where it can make a huge difference…with the child.  I want to take your hand for together we can do more than alone.  I opened this school with the desire to share with you, the parents, the joy of giving your child THE BEST possible beginning AND to give to you the best of the tools that have come to me in building a life filled with the richness of close family units and great personal joy. The best gift I can give to your child is a place of safety, a place of learning, a place of joy and YOU!  What I mean by YOU is…..what children benefit from the most is their home environment and the environment of the home can be no brighter, no healthier than are those adults called “parents”.  So, it is to you that I extend my hand and say, “Come and together we shall create a place for the children.”

It is my intent to work with you in this greatest of endeavors. And from my heart I thank you for that privilege and honor, if you choose to bestow that privilege upon me.

Sincerely and Warmly,
Ali Dances